Fuck Life

have you ever sat back and thought to yourself “what's the point?”

seriously though, what is the point?

most of our time is spent working for someone/something that doesn't give a shit about us. we are a commodity that can be tossed aside and replaced on a whim. we spend our time working for that someone/something in order to get paid so that we can be “happy”.

nothing changes.

if you or i were to go away tomorrow, the world would continue on as if nothing happened, not even a blip on the radar. “do something meaningful” is a suggestion that is thrown out, typically by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

unless you have money, you're not going to change anything. the statement that “money equals power” is 100% accurate and is the reality of our world.

volunteering at a soup kitchen doesn't do shit. quitting your job to spend your time helping people in need doesn't do shit. none of the things that you do in your life to help others actually help them long-term.

the truth is that the average person is not going to provide any value to our world.


in fact, the average person is likely going to do more harm than good, pretty funny right? your car, your eating habits, your buying of goods, your housing... all of that is impacting the planet in a negative way :)

the stress of paying bills. the monotony of waking up each day to do something that has zero positive impact on the world. the depression that comes with realizing your life is pointless (don't kid yourself, it is). the attempts at happiness that created this cycle in the first place.

but wait! we have a solution! take these drugs and everything will be great!

pay no attention to the dulling of your senses. your inability to feel like yourself. your inability to have real emotions. those just get in the way!

so honestly, what is the point?